Haute Magazine
Editorial Design

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Haute Magazine is the University of Southern California’s student-run art, culture, and lifestyle publication. As a member of the magazine’s visual design team, I produce spreads in line with the magazine’s theme utilizing assets from the photo and writing teams.

Sarah Stalon and Zoë Alexandria

Featured in Philia (Issue #10)

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Spreads produced for Haute’s tenth issue Philia. Photography by Sarah Stalon (top) and Zoë Alexandria (bottom).

“You deserve to experience all the shades and meanings of love. Philia is the deep, naked emotion of love in all its forms, from affection to obsession. One of the four ancient Greek words for love among storge, agape, and eros, Philia represents “friendship” among the different kinds of love, making us wonder how this word came to connote deep fondness, undue fixation, and obsession. In a way, this possibility of depth is what makes love so beautifully poignant yet terrifying as it requires in us an immense vulnerability. Embrace the force which birthed Haute Magazine ten issues ago — a magical encounter between creatives and their undeniable love for art.”  — Haute Magazine

In Between Practice

Technical Spread
Technical spread produced as a part of Haute’s recruitment process.